Guatemala, Huehuetenango, El Carpintero


This is a washed coffee grown at 1550-1675 MASL and is of the Caturra and Bourbon variety. When you taste this coffee expect floral and macadamia nut notes at the start with a finish of chocolate and citrus. When we put this with milk we have flavours of cashew, butterscotch and milk chocolate.
Francisco Morales is a second-generation coffee producer in the town of Caserio Cipresales in Huehuetenango region. Before Francisco starts harvesting his farms he makes sure everything is ready for the busy time of the year by cleaning all the equipment and calibrating the depulper to cut the cherries with a correct size not to chip the beans. This harvest the cherries at El Carpintero and El Cedro were picked in four passes on the farm to ensure that only the ripest cherries were picked. The cherries were depulped on the same as they were picked, then fermented in water for 36 hours and washed. This coffee has gone through double soaking process, which usually results in clean, sweet and sparkly cup. The soaking took 12 hours which after the coffee was eventually brought on a patio to dry in the sun for five days or under the shade for nine days. After the processing Francisco made sure that he recycled or sustainable took care of the pulp and grey water waste. One farm of Francisco, El Carpintero, is named after many woodpecker birds which are found in the area.
In the future Francisco is interested in learning of new coffee production innovations and other processing methods like natural and honey processing.
Francisco is very involved and interested in socio-environmental awareness in his coffee production: “One of our priorities is that every employee working on our farm can have a better life and sustain their families. Through our farm we hope to create employment in the area for the people who need it and at the same time produce quality coffee. One of our goals is to take care of the environment and achieve the necessary balance for sustainable coffee growing”, Francisco explains.