Guatemala, Coban, Fedecocagua

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Fedecocagua, Coban, Guatemala
1100 - 1750 MASL
Pache, Typica, Caturra
Raspberry, Dark Chocolate

This is the first time we got in a coffee from Guatemala that's not a Huehuetenago and we love it.
Guatemala has grown and served coffee since 1747. Established in 1969, FEDECOCAGUA is a cooperative organisation with 20,000 members. Seventy percent of co-op members are members of indigenous groups from various regions of Guatemala, including Huehuetenango, Cobán, Verapaces, Retalhuleu, San Marcos, and Zacapa. The organisation is made up of over 150 individual co-operatives that supply the coffee, and they are the main exporter of coffee from Guatemala.
This coffee is an excellent example of the flavour and quality from the Coban region, capital municipality to the larger Alta Verapaz department. Other than for coffee, they are known for basketball history, with their youth leagues reputedly being the best in the country.