El Salvador, Chalatenango, El Pozo

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El Pozo, Chalatenango, El Salvador
1400 - 1500 MASL
Honey Process
Lemon Sherbet, Berry, Honeydew Melon

Isaac Luna owns several small farms, where he grows different varieties, including
Pacamara, Pacas, and Bourbon. A visitor from Panama came through Isaac's
church, exploring the area to develop new coffee lands and teach new processing
methods. From this man, Isaac learned the Honey process: He was the first to
process Honey coffee in this area. The coffee is picked ripe and depulped, then laid
out to dry on raised beds as a Honey for about 20 days, depending on the weather.

Isaac has been growing coffee since the early 2010s, though he has Bourbon trees
on his land that are upward of 45 years old! He sees coffee as an adventure and an
opportunity, and as he continues to learn about the process and about cupping, he
is anxious to hear feedback and learn how to improve. "Every time, the coffee is
different," he says. "You can work harder, and although it's hard, it is very rewarding