Diego Bermudez, Cauca, Columbia

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Cauca, Columbia
Tasting Notes:
Mango, Peach, Vanilla, Grenadin
Process - Thermal Shock Fermentation
Variety - Castillo
Altitude - 1800 MASL
Cup Score - 89.75

When we first tried a Diego, it was like nothing we’d ever tasted before, so every time it comes up at a different roastery we have to try it! This year we thought we would treat everyone and get some for Christmas. Diego Samuel Bermudez has spent the last 13 years growing coffee, developing a deep understanding and knowledge around the processing of high-end speciality coffee, that is unparalleled in the unique flavour and profiles produced. Diego and his family work on their farm in Cauca. Together, they are involved in evolving their processing methods and continuous learning. They built their own lab on the farm to understand cupping and roasting, now they curate their own fermentation protocols to begin experimenting with. This inventive approach to coffee has allowed him to soar, winning several awards from 2015 onwards.

The processing technique for this particular coffee is an anaerobic fermentation in cherry, fermenting for 48 hours in tanks at 18o Celsius. After pulping, there is a second anaerobic fermentation with mucilage for 96 hours at 18o Celsius, coffee is then washed using a Thermic shock method. First, washed with water at 40o Celsius and then with water at 12o Celsius. Controlled drying then takes place for 34 hours at 35o Celsius and controlled humidity, until reaching a grain moisture of 10% - 11%. We have enjoyed this coffee from many other roasteries, now it’s out turn to offer Diego’s coffee to you all, hope you enjoy.