Colombia - Tarqui


Owner: Fabian Guarnizo
Farm: Finca El Altico
Region: Huila, Tarqui
Country: Colombia
Varietal: Castillo
Altitude: 1800 MASL
Process: Washed Processed

Tasting Notes:
Green Apple, Ripe Pear and Stone Fruit

The Story:
Tarqui, located in the Andes mountains, has a unique microclimate, much to the delight of the many smallholder coffee farmers growing in the region. This particular coffee uses a wet fermentation process which accentuates the natural fruit tones.

At the purchasing point in the city of Tarqui, a lady called Ana Beatriz does a strict quality check on all of the coffees that pass through. Only ones that pass the check are bought. She is also gives them feedback and gathers information. This allows her to discover new farmers and areas, whilst creating a market for them.

The coffee is sourced from a micro lot competition. Coffee producers in Tarqui are then motivated to be extra careful when picking and processing their coffee. By gathering a panel of professionals to cup and score the coffee blindly, fixed prizes for 1st to 20th place, include a commitment to buying their coffee.

A competition like this is a way of incentivising farmers, whilst paying them great premium prices for their crop. It also gives the farmers the opportunity to meet and get to know other local farmers and show their coffee to professionals who are willing to invest in them.