Brazil - Eagle


Owner Thaysmara D’silva
Farm Monjolinho
Varietal Catuai
Process Pulped Natural
Country Brazil
Region Manhuaçu, MG
Altitude 992 MASL

Cup Score:

Tasting Notes:
melon, milk chocolate, almond and raisin

The Story:
The specialty team used coffees from the Sul De Minas region to develop a unique green coffee that is designed to produce a sweet and nutty coffee. From a blend of hand-picked farms, this coffee is sort to be consistent yet complex in flavour.

Brazil is a large exporter of coffee, yet this one is super sweet. With a light melon acidity and a raisin like sweetness, this coffee is unique to the Sul De Minas region, holding natural flavours that are normally mellowed by chocolate and nut flavours that are fundamental in a brazillian coffee.